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Our Manufacturing Process

To create our premium sustainable boards, we compress a huge amount of EPS packaging into briquettes before grinding up waste polystyrene, ready for reprocessing.

Next, we produce a pellet which can be mixed with various other elements to deliver the finished product: Sustainaboard.

We pride ourselves on our ability to recycle and repurpose waste plastic into an extremely beneficial premium material for long-lasting use.

Our boards are manufactured in the UK in an ISO-certified factory, so you can be sure your material will be of a high standard.

Why Sustainaboard?

Our boards are strong and built to last.

Your customers won’t be coming back to you after 2 years requesting a replacement. We manufacture our boards to withstand the test of time, providing them with that additional strength that the standard composite material lacks.

We are committed to protecting the environment.

Manufactured from 100% recycled, repurposed synthetic materials, our boards offer you a highly sustainable alternative to the traditional composite option. When you purchase from Sustainaboard, you’re not just extending the life of your own materials, but the earth’s natural materials, too.

High quality, long lifespan.

Our boards come in packs of 5, offering you a more economical way to utilise this highly sought-after and often expensive material. Plus, with it's long lifespan, Sustainaboard is an extremely cost-effective solution.

0% timber, 100% waterproof.

In manufacturing, our boards are made from 100% pure recycled Polystyrene and simply blown to create the effect of natural wood. This makes Sustainaboard a failsafe solution for outdoor applications, preventing harmful water absorption and maintaining the strength of your material.

Free from infestations.

Our protective, non-porous material means no risk of harmful insect infestations.

High UV resistance.

Sustainaboard is manufactured to resist the effects of UV outdoors, including fading and discolouring. Your material will boast full vibrance and colour for the length of its life.

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